Flying trapeze and circus arts are one of the hottest and fastest growing activities in the United States. Schools are becoming more common in larger cities such as New York, Boston, San Francisco, Austin and Chicago, and have firmly caught the public’s imagination.

Trapeze has been used in performances on Broadway and at the Met, it has been seen on Sex in the City, and recently was the topic of a full article in Vogue magazine (March 2014), to name but a few. It’s art, it’s exercise, it’s confidence building, it’s full-body play, and it’s definitely fun.

Increasingly, we understand you may be searching for new and innovative ways to challenge yourself physically and mentally. Flying trapeze fulfills these needs in a surprisingly complete way, allowing you to exercise wholly while requiring a mental alertness and attention that is highly translatable.

While exercise is important, trapeze is commonly used to further a variety of social and even psychological goals. Classes are organized to help your children overcome a fear of heights in a safe and playful way. If you’re a part of a corporation you can use trapeze as a creative and unique team-building opportunity. Underprivileged children can not only gain confidence but also broaden their horizons. The list of how flying trapeze can be used is as long and as varied as the imagination and needs of the flyers.

We are offering this art/athletic form to you and anyone ages 4 to 104, with the motto ‘anyone can try flying trapeze and everyone will be successful.’ We at Utah Flying Trapeze are not only in the business of teaching you how to fly, we will also help you see the potential you have within yourself and foster authentic and lasting feelings of self-confidence and accomplishment.