When should I sign the Liability Waiver Form?

It is mandatory to have a completed Liability Waiver Form prior to your class. For first time flyers go here to complete the Liability Waiver Form. It will also simultaneously create you a MindBody account to use to sign up for class. Remember your email address and password to login on MindBodyOnline/UtahFlyingTrapeze. If you are not automatically re-directed to our MindBody booking system, please check your email for a copy of your liability waiver form along with links to access MindBody or go to our Class Schedule & Sign-Up.

How do I complete a Liability Waiver Form for a Minor (17 years of age or under)?

Minors will need the help of their Parent/Guardian to navigate and complete their online liability waiver form. (The waiver requires minor and Parent/Guardian signature). Following these steps:

  1. Go to Liability Waiver Form
  2. Select Minor Waiver (under 18)
  3. From the perspective of the Parent/Guardian pick the appropriate tab: “Not if our system? For new flyers.” or “Already in our system? Locate your account and add minor.” You will be asked for pieces of information to locate your account.
  4. Complete the required fields and sign the appropriate boxes. Select “Accept Waiver”. You will be emailed a PDF copy of your waiver form.

Do I need to complete the Liability Waiver Form every time I attend class?

No! You will only need to complete the liability waiver form once a year. If you have already completed the online form. Please go to our Class Schedule & Sign-Up page to view our class schedule, check the availability in a particular class (reminder that classes require a min of 4 people to run or they will be cancelled), and sign into your account using your email and password. You can also update your password if you have forgotten it. If you need additional help with your account email info@utahtrapeze.com or call us at 801-989-6287.

How old do you have to be to fly?

Our all levels classes are open for all ages 4-104 and all ability levels from complete beginners up to frequent flyers. Minors 17 years and under need a complete Liability Waiver Form with parent/guardian signature.

How many people per class?

There will be up to but no more than 10 people per class. Each class is open to all ages and all ability levels unless noted as “Intermediate” or “Advanced”

What should I wear?

Please wear long pants/tights your first class, and for all classes you’ll want to wear socks. No shoes are worn on the trapeze rig. We are located inside an air conditioned facility, some may want a jacket or sweater. If you have contact lenses that is preferable to glasses. If you wear glasses you’ll need a croakies or some such to keep them on, or you’ll need to fly without your glasses. There is a drinking fountain near the bathrooms or bring your own water or water bottle.

What should I expect during class?

For beginners and first time flyers, class begins with group floor instruction by our low hanging static trapeze bar with a safety mat. Your instructor will demonstrate the positions on the bar and commands you will hear from your instructor during your flying trapeze experience. All students will practice the positions before moving over to the flying trapeze rig. The class continues with each student rotating through their turn flying. The last 30-40 mins of class the instructor will teach the technique for a “catch” or “hand to hand transfer.”

Also expect to receive great instruction and to be able to progress in your own comfortable way. Know the whole process will be interesting for you and we are here to help. The environment and staff are patience while you sort out your unique perspective and take this experience as slowly or as far as you wish.

How many staff per class?

There will be 3 staff total per class, one to take care of you on the board, one to pull the lines (safety system), and one to catch. In addition to ensuring your safety, each staff member will be providing instruction throughout class.

I’m not in great shape (or I’m injured). Will I be ok?

If you feel you can hang from a static monkey bar for 5 seconds you should be fine.

If you’re worried further about your fitness level or an injury please just Contact Us to discuss. In particular, if you have a bad shoulder or shoulders or back pain, this may not be the activity for you at this time.

I am an experienced flyer; can you accommodate me?

We can accommodate all levels from beginner up to professional level trapeze artists. Each class can be tailored to your past experience and current physical ability. We work with each individual to have an enjoyable and challenging class.

I’m scared of heights.

Many people are! Flying trapeze is an excellent way to shift your perspective on this fear. You’ll be secure in a harness system with a belayer watching your every move. If you feel ready, you’ll get to step off the edge and feel the security of the lines helping you in the process. The whole experience can alter your perspective on your fears quite a bit.

I’m afraid I’ll get up there and not be able to take the plunge.

For some, just climbing the ladder is an accomplishment and feels like enough at first. Then with a little time and a cool down, you may try it again. Each time you may go a little further. Then at some point you may decide to fly. We’ll work with you to have a successful class.

What are your class policies?

  • Class Passes are Transferable to One Other Person
  • 24 Hour Cancellation Policy for Classes to receive account credit
  • 48 Hour Cancellation Policy for Classes to receive a refund
  • 72 Hour Cancellation Policy for Special Events
  • There are No Refunds for Missed Classes
  • There are No Refunds for Class Packages
  • Flying Out of Lines is Approved by Staff Only
  • Your Level of Trick Must Be Approved by Staff
  • Classes need a minimum of 4 flyers to operate. Classes with less than 4 flyers will be cancelled. You will be informed of cancelled classes via your email supplied on your profile. Sometimes you may receive a call to your provided phone number.

I’m also interested in the static trapeze experience.

We are a flying trapeze experience only, but there are many fine schools for static trapeze in the valley. Check out Aerial Arts of Utah, Aerobatics Gym and Aeris Aerial, for static trapeze classes.

What if I want to become an advanced flyer?

That’s great and we’d like to help take you there! We have class pass packages or a monthly fly pass for you offered at a discount. The sky’s the limit from there!

I can’t afford classes but I really want to do this!

We offer weekly classes for low income, at risk youth but currently have no plan for accommodating adults. One option however, is to do a work exchange of some sort, Contact Us and perhaps we can work something out.

How and where can I give you a review!

Please pick one or all of these places to give us a review. Thank you for your comments! Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google+, Facebook